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Start Again - Getting Back On The Horse.

Hi all. It´s been a while since my last post.

With the advent of the pandemic and 2020 concerts cancelled, I decided to put this project on hold, waiting for better days.

Besides resuming to play classical guitar, I worked for a while in Infraspeak, a fabulous start-up here in Porto, boosting my digital skills, sales techniques and kept myself busy doing a digital marketing and publicity course.

I was thrilled to see that the summer of 2021 brought back live concerts and started organizing myself to get back on the horse.

During the month of October, Pedro Melo Alves invited me to produce 3 concerts in Culturgest, Casa da Música and Festival Jazz ao Centro (Coimbra) for the launch of "Lumina" -Omniae Large Ensemble new album by Clean Feed Records.

The work consisted in booking hotels, restaurants, rehearsals, flights, backline, insurances, catering, coordinating a team of 27 people, making sure all 3 events run smoothly in a professional manner while managing budgets, finishing with a report with all administration jobs completed (contracts, invoices, receipts).

This was funded by governmental program Garantir Cultura, with the support of Antena 2, SPA and the belief of Pedro Santos (Culturgest), José Miguel + Adriana Ávila (Jazz ao Centro) and Fernando Sousa + Filipa Leite ( Casa da Música) who really made it possible.

The first concert is available for free streaming by clicking here.

On another note, I was thrilled to be selected to participate at EMX Capacity Building Programme. Funded by the European Commission and implemented by a consortium of European music export offices and cultural institutions, aimed at finding new strategies to develop and promote European music in the world. We did three days of remote workshops + two days of intensive course in Amsterdam, finishing with a country focus on India.

This was a great experience, learning and sharing with a team of about 70 people (speakers and participants), a fabulous work led by dearest Jess Partridge.

The cherry on the cake was having Womex in my city, Porto. With so much going on, I had only time to join in the evenings, to watch concerts and see everyone again in flesh and bone. Plenty of free hugs, laughs and catching up conversations, what better way of starting again? Big props to António Guimarães, for dreaming it and making it happen. Next year it will be in Lisbon!

So yeah, shanti shanti, piece by piece, let´s make some music happen again. Stay tuned!

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